Crazy Woman Canyon
October 22,2014

I just decided to do something I haven't done in a while and turned off the road at the old school house.  When I got to where the creek usually disappears into the side of the mountain, I did a little flying.  Those pesky red flashing lights wouldn't go out but the bird never went into the mountain or the creek.  Here's what I got.

I guess this is what's called "Raw" video.  I've edited out the start & finish.  I would have been happy for you all to see my landing though.

The best I could do as far as satellites was, I really wish I knew what this meant; one set of 20 green flashes followed by flashes of a red and a green.  Whatever, I was there to fly.  As I gained altitude, I achieved two flashing green.  Whoppie!  The bird didn't fly any different.  All I know is that I started cautiously, calculated how long it would take to fetch it if it just plummeted to earth and went from there.  That's about all the jabbering I care to add or read.

I've got to put the freaking gimbal back on the machine.

So... On with the show!

You may want to mute the sound, it's just the motors.

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